Printing at SBC

Sweet Briar College offers printing, scanning and copying resources to all members of the community at multiple locations throughout campus. Printing and copying, while not free, is inexpensive and utilizes a quota system associated with each student, faculty and staff account. Students receive $25 in printing credit each semester (which, for the vast majority of students, effectively makes printing free). Faculty and staff printing for college activities is handled through traditional departmental budgets. Personal printing by faculty, staff and other members of the community requires purchase of credit for your account (available in $2 and $5 increments).

The following video will give you a quick, two minute visual overview of the system. For more detailed instructions, please see the FAQ section of this site.

Our system is based on a popular product called PaperCut MF and runs on our Kyocera multifunction printers and copiers. Users log in right at the printer to release their printed jobs or pay for copies. Scanning to email is free and always encouraged over traditional copying.

The system is designed to reduce waste, lower our carbon footprint and, by associating a tangible cost with the printing process, encourage the use of electronic alternatives for sharing information throughout every aspect of campus life.

This site serves as a guide to the SBC implementation of the PaperCut system. It includes links to manage your account as well as endeavors to answer any questions you may have about printing, copying and scanning on campus.

If you need additional assistance beyond what this site offers, please contact the Help Desk at x4357 during normal business hours orĀ request help through our online ticket system 24/7.